House and contents Insurance

For a house/apartment & contents insurance or just simply a contents insurance, with all coverages included, the following information is needed for a quote:
- Copy of passport (or at least exact full name and date of birth)
- Full portuguese address
- Portuguese NIF number (tax office number)
- Email address
- Phone number 
- House caderneta or urban house artigo number? (This information will be on the rental contract, escritura or promissory contract)
and also:
- Value of the contents (In terms of contents the furniture, wardrobes and kitchen unit are considered contents)
- Number of bedrooms
- Number of living rooms
- Number of Bathrooms
- Number of floors
- House connected to an alarm system?
- The house roof has wooden or concrete structure?
- Does the house have any annex or garage?
- Size of the house in m2?
- Is the house located close to a forest or Ocean / river?
- Does the house have a garden with fencing?
- Does the house have a swimming pool?
- What year was the house built or had renovation work done?
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